There’s a concrete truck outside my house right now, and people running around, my dogs are barking, the phone is ringing and…..

….breathe. Okay. That’s better.

I was talking to someone the other day about stress, and of course they started up on the breathing thing. Everyone is always telling me to breathe, just like everyone is always telling me to relax. It’s one of those if-I-had-a-dollar-for-every-time-I’d-be-rich kind of things. But this time, the person went on to explain how normally, people don’t breathe that deeply, and when you’re really stressed, you breathe really high up in your diaphragm. So when you’re feeling really anxious, she continued, you need to breathe really deeply, like sucking in a breath through your nose, so far down you can almost kind of feel it in your stomach. Well, I thought. Sure. Whatever. But then I actually tried it, during one of my (many) high stress moments, and you know what? It works. Three really deep breaths and I felt better. Calmer. Amazing. I highly recommend it, if you find yourself wound up and about to pop today.

The flip side is that now I can really tell when I am about to freak out. The other night I got off the phone with my accountant about my taxes (never a fun subject) and I was practically panting like Coco, these tiny little breaths. Not good.

Along with the breathing, I’m also learning about something else lately, which is the joy of Gmail. I recently got an account, and it’s taken me awhile to get comfortable with it. First, there’s the way the messages are displayed, in what they call conversations, with every email paired with its response, and then the response to that, and so on. Plus you can filter your incoming messages and bounce some somewhere else (although I have yet to set this up correctly, I’m doing something wrong although I have no idea what). Most fascinating of all, however, are the ads that run to the right of your Inbox: they change depending on what the emails are about. For instance, I just got an email from my friend Courtney about dogsitting, and the ads were all about housetraining products. Which was kind of distracting, to have AMAZING INDOOR PET TOILET right there while I’m trying to concentrate on typing. It is interesting, however. I’m tempted to write an email about something completely random, like bungee jumping polar bears, just to see what comes up. And you just KNOW something will.

But there’s no time for that now, of course, with all this chaos. It’s completely insane here, and it’s only 9:42, and I should already be gone, but….

….you know the drill. In, out. Right.

Have a good day everyone!
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