Okay, so this story completely freaks me out. And it’s not just that the plane had to make an emergency landing—which is scary enough, especially if you don’t like to fly, as I do not—but that the passengers, while waiting to do said landing, were watching news coverage of their own situation on the TVs on their seatbacks. Yikes! Can you imagine anything that would make you more nervous than emergency coverage of your own emergency? I would have passed out from sheer stress. Luckily, though, there was a happy ending, everyone landed safe. But still. That’s just a little too meta for comfort.

Meanwhile, speaking of news coverage and scary things, Hurricane Rita is looking mighty scary right about now. It’s just been such a horrible season already, with Katrina, and now another category 5 storm….we can all only think good thoughts and keep our fingers crossed. If you’re on the Texas coast, be safe! Please.

have a good day, everyone…
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