This is the view I woke up to for the last week. Not bad, right?

So I’m back from the beach, where I was more relaxed than I ever thought possible: you wouldn’t have even recognized me. Seriously. A full week doing nothing much but sleeping, eating (lots of fried food, what is it about the beach that triggers insane onion ring cravings?) reading, and watching Gilmore Girls. Yes, I ventured out on my VACATION to go to THREE DIFFERENT PLACES before I found the new Season Four DVD. Yes, I began watching immediately. Yes, I got my cousin completely hooked on the show when she showed up. I know, I know. But it was just so fun.

Also fun was having so much time to just lay around and read, a luxury I now intend to indulge in much more often. Although because I read Empire Falls first, everything else paled in comparison. What an incredible book. It’s the kind of novel that makes you realize how everything ELSE you’re reading could be so much better. Which is probably why I thought My Sister’s Keeper, which I read next, was good, but not fantastic-oh-my-God-great. I’m sure it is. I was just still in a Richard Russo daze. Then I moved onto Everything is Illuminated, which is compelling but definitely keeps you on your toes, syntax-wise. I have the second Sisterhood book to get to next—it’s always nice to bring a little beach reading home with you, right?

And it IS nice to be here at home, where the leaves are falling. The beach was hot, the water warm: it was still summer there. But yesterday morning, driving West, I felt like I was heading into the fall, as well, finally leaving the summer behind. The weather seemed to change as I moved through it. So about halfway there, I stopped at a roadside stand and bought some mums, the perfect fall flower, for my porch. And a pumpkin. The summer, and this last week, was great. But it’s time to move on.

have a good day everyone!
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