So I’m sitting here on this bright, cheery morning, tapping away at my laptop, all’s right in the world and then….I see something.

It’s a quick flash, out of the corner of my eye, moving from the laundry room to under the stove. I freeze. It’s a mouse.

I’m sure of it. It has to be. Okay, so it was only a flash, and maybe I’m seeing things (I only just began drinking my coffee, and am still in vacation withdrawl.) But I’m pretty sure. I glance over at my dogs, to see if they are reacting, but of course not, they’re crashed out, curled around each other. I listen for a few minutes, for what I’m not sure—tapping of little feet? banging under the stove? miscellaneous gnawing?—-but hear nothing. So now I’m just sitting here, hoping it doesn’t emerge again. Yikes.

I guess this means winter is really on the way. I came back, and now so have the mice. Lovely.

Speaking of being back in the flow (or not) I realized, in the last day or so, how much celebrity news I missed while I was gone. Ashton and Demi got married: Sophia and Chad broke up. So did Paris and Paris. I go away for one week, and look what happens. I do have a stack of magazines waiting for me, so all is not lost. But still, it does make me realize that this stuff is REALLY not that important and I could probably do without it. I may be a better person for it, in fact.

I will pause here, as many of you push back from your monitors, clap your hands and join together for an loud and passionate “DUH!” reflecting your joy that you might actually now be spared the pop culture and gossip I inflict on you on a regular basis.

Done now? Good.

I’m not promising radical changes. I’m just saying, time off makes you think. A little clearing of the head can be a good thing, if you can bring that clarity back with you. It makes what is waiting for you that much easier to deal with. Rodents included.


have a good day everyone!
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