There are certain products I am a total sucker for. Things that I will always buy, even if I already have entirely too many that I don’t even use. Such as: black pants (I have stopped counting) magazine subscriptions (ditto) shower and bath gel (the containers clutter every surface in the bathroom) and scented candles. I LOVE candles. I can kill hours in gift shops, just walking around, sniffing. But the thing about candles is that often even though they SMELL great, when you burn them, they don’t really give off the same scent. They only are super fragrant when you stick your whole face into them. (Which I’m happy to do in a store, but it seems a lot to ask of visitors to my home.) I’ve pretty much resigned myself to this fact, but then I discovered the best candles of all time: Trapp Private Gardens candles.

Okay, so they’re not cheap. But they last forever. They also claim to be able to fill a room with scent, and they do. Which, I am discovering, is kind of a problem within itself. Recently I bought one that is Guava/Mango flavor. It’s supposed to smell like Euphoria, according to the label. And what, you might ask, does Euphoria smell like (other than Guava and Mango?). I’ll tell you: blueberry muffins.

Yes. I light this thing, and within minutes the entire house smells like I have a batch of blueberry muffins baking, effectively setting off a craving that I completely cannot indulge, because a) I’m not much of a baker and b) blueberries make me break out. The upshot is that the entire thing is an exercise in frustration, and now I’m obsessed with blueberry muffins, to the point that I’m willing to endure the rash just to eat, oh, about a dozen or so.

(I am so not exaggerating here. I have the candle right next to me—it’s not even lit!—and now I’ve got muffins on the brain. God help me.)

I think I need a new candle. I wonder what Contemplation smells like? Carrot cake? Hmmm….

have a good day, everyone!
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