For me, it was a weekend of movies: I watched Crash on DVD on Friday, then went to see In Her Shoes yesterday. I thought both were really good, although very different from each other. (I actually had gotten Crash from Netflix before Oprah did a show on it last week. Although it’s always nice to think that Oprah and I are somehow on the same wavelength: I can’t think of a better person to have the occasional mind-meld with.) Crash was definitely thought-provoking, and it had some great performances, and In Her Shoes was a much deeper film than I was expecting. Plus it’s always great to see a book you liked be made into a movie you like: it doesn’t happen all that often.

Yesterday was the second time in about a month that I’d gone to the movies. Once, this was normal, if not LESS frequently than I usually went, but for now it was pretty remarkable. My friend Leigh is my movie buddy, and yesterday, standing in the parking lot after we did our post-flick discussion, we started talking about how often we used to go to the movies. Was it every weekend? Every other? Something like that. It was always good if there was something we wanted to see, but if not we’d usually just pick whatever seemed the least non-appealing and head in. She’d get a Coke, we’d split popcorn, and we’d settle in to our preferred spot, third row center.

We saw tons of movies together. The best? Probably Shakespeare in Love, or maybe Titanic. (Laugh if you must, I loved that movie, I will admit it freely and without shame.) The worst? The American President, with Michael Douglas and Annette Bening, the only movie where we turned to each other about twenty minutes in and said, “Oh, my God,” in unison. A close runner up would probably be Coyote Ugly, but at least that had Tyra Banks and was sufficiently cheesy. It was just what we did, along with meeting for walks and having lunch. But somewhere, along in the last couple of years—or five, maybe?—-our moviegoing dropped off. Maybe she was busy with work. Or I got into my every-day writing schedule, which makes movies hard to fit in. Whatever the reason, we just stopped, and didn’t even realize it until recently, when we finally had some movies we wanted to see together again. It seems kind of wrong that I got too busy, or too something, for movies. At least I’m trying to remedy it.

Now that I’m on a roll, I think I need to keep up this trend. Elizabethtown comes out this Friday, and I do love Cameron Crowe. Maybe I can’t do the every weekend thing anymore, but I think that’s okay. I can’t be eating popcorn every week anyway. But once a month: that, I think, I can do. As my mom would say, everything in moderation, even movies. Now if I can just work that philosophy with everything ELSE in my life, like, um, stress, and chocolate, and negative thinking and shopping and….

One thing at a time, I guess. One thing at a time.

Have a good day, everyone!
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