You may not know this about me, but besides writing–and teaching, when I’m doing it, which I am not at the moment—I have another job. I do the books for my husband’s contracting business. This sounds fancier than it is (if it even sounds fancy at all, which it probably does not). I basically just balance the checkbook, deal with the bills, and try to sort the huge volume of paperwork into some kind of filing system. Part of this really appeals to my inner office supply geek, I must admit. I love to go to Staples and buy folders and post-its and pens. It makes me feel efficient in way writing doesn’t, because while novels take a long time to write, a little bit each day, I can get so much done company-wise in a single morning, checking entire blocks of things off my To Do list.

Now, though, I’m on the other side of things, as we’re having work done on our house. Which means that all the people we normally deal with on jobs are now here, at our place. I was kind of dreading it, to be honest, having the house open and the entire place disrupted as we converted our screen porch into a real room, but I have to admit it’s been kind of fun. Again, with writing, for me there’s just this little incremental progress every day, hard to see unless you look really closely. But with the remodel, I see results at the end of every day, visible things like new windows, or the deck being finished. People come and go, compressors pop, the dogs bark pretty much endlessly, but there’s a nice sense of things happening here, and I like that. I keep my own writing work so private and personal, no one ever gets to see anything until it’s totally done, but I’m beginning to see the appeal of letting what you’re working on be opened up to the world. It gives everyone proof of your long hard work, and proof for yourself as well.

Of course, having so much happening here isn’t doing wonders for me in my own progress. There’s entirely too much to distract me. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing. In the last couple of years I’ve gotten a little more obsessive about my writing, entirely too regimented and scheduled. I think maybe I needed this chaos to make me realize that writing should be a little chaotic too, at least sometimes. So yesterday, when it started to pour outside, the guys who were working came inside, and I sat down and watched Breaking Bonaduce and the Tony Danza Show with them until it cleared up. Sure, I probably should have kept at what I was doing, but it was a rainy Monday, and a break felt good. When the rain was over, they went back out, and I headed back up here. To work.

have a great day everyone!