I just saw Dolly Parton on GMA, and it made my day. And it’s not even 9:25!

What can I say, I love Dolly. Always have, since 9 to 5 or even before, when she was butt of so many jokes in Mad Magazine. She’s just one of those celebrities that is what she is, and could care less what you think. Then a few years back, I picked up her first bluegrass album, which totally impressed me, and made me like her even more. This morning, she sang “9 to 5” (with Diane Sawyer clapping along, I’m sure) and then a cover of “Imagine” from her new album. All with the biggest hair you’ve ever seen, incredibly high heels, and sequins out the wazoo, all before 9am. And she is TINY: you should have see Robin Roberts towering over her. So great.

My friend Lee Smith has met Dolly, and tells the best story about going out to lunch with her. She said that as Dolly walked through the restaurant, people just went crazy, that everyone was reaching out to touch her as she passed. Lee said, “I swear, it was like going to lunch with Jesus!” I have to say, if I saw Dolly, I’d probably reach out to her, too. Most likely I would not be able to help myself.

Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news, thanks so much to the person who commented yesterday to let me know that The Truth About Forever has been nominated for the Teens’ Top Ten Books. Very exciting. And, a bit belated, thanks also to the person who let me know that my new book is now listed on Amazon, albeit without a cover or much else. Just a pub date: May 4, 2006. And yes, the title is correct: it’s called Just Listen. And that’s all I can say about it. For now.

Have a great day everyone!
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