Busy day today—actually a busy week—so I’ll have to keep this short. But hopefully sweet.

First, I did make it to Elizabethtown yesterday, and I did like it. It wasn’t Almost Famous, or Say Anything…but it was cute. A little muddled at times, but then, so am I. And I can say that now I understand why so many people like Orlando Bloom so much. Sa-woon!

Second, I’m speaking tonight at a Teen Read Week event at Central Library in Greensboro, so if you’re in that area, come by. The event is at 7pm, and it should be fun. I am thinking about maybe reading something from the new book, which is both exciting and terrifying all at once. We’ll see how it goes.

Third, I have ascertained that now the deer that usually just plague my garden have now, effectively, decided to move into my yard. They aren’t just passing through anymore: they’re here ALL THE TIME. They hang around the driveway like I used to hang out in the school parking lot, i.e. somewhat insolently and with no real plan for the immediate future. My dogs stand at the door—every door—and bark at them. Constantly. I’m okay with them having to eat my plants, I’ve made my peace with it, but honestly, this is a bit much. Move it along, nothing to see here!

Finally, a question for those in the NYC area or who know it relatively well: if you were me, and you were going to have a few free hours to do whatever you wanted in the city—within reason for someone who does not know it very well, and has terrible navigation skills—what would YOU do? Just wondering. And shopping suggestions are especially welcome.

Okay, okay, now I’m officially late. Unlike the deer, I have places to be, things to do. So off I go…

have a good day, everyone!
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