I’m back, after three days in New York, followed by another two trying to recover from having the best time ever. And two days is clearly not enough, as I am still dragging and also sick. But it was so, so worth it.

I had a great time. And I thought of you all (I mean, I don’t know you all, exactly, but I did think of you, if that makes sense) as I walked along shopping on Fifth Avenue and in Soho, as you suggested. There never seems to be enough time to see everything and do everything, but I guess that’s why going back is always fun. I did burn up my credit card, though, but what the hey, you only live once, right? Right.

Another bonus was finally getting to meet in person the people who design, market, edit and sell my books. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some people from Penguin here and there over the years, but this trip let me put faces to so many names, which was a great thing. Plus, they had a reception for me. With champagne. And CUPCAKES. And you know how I feel about cupcakes. Do they know me or what? I also got a glimpse at some of the plans they have for the new book, Just Listen, which is due out in May. I can’t go into a lot of detail yet but I have to say I was IMPRESSED. There will be some really cool stuff going on. Stay tuned!

(And for those of you who read this page regularly—and comment regularly—you’ll be happy to know that I did pass along your interest in tour stops in Toronto, Chicago, and Florida. So we’ll see what happens.)

After three days of eating, drinking, shopping and talking, I came home. Pulled up into my driveway on a Friday night, then got out and just stood there, listening. It was so quiet, just the breeze in the trees and a nearby dog barking. A big change from New York, but a nice one just the same. A little bit of both worlds is just about perfect, I think. All that activity and then….stillness. Ahhhh.

And now, I’m sick. Which is such a drag, but also an excuse to sleep until 9:30, which I did today. And a small price to pay for such a good time. Give me some downtime, though, and I’ll be good as new. Or new-ish.

Now, back to bed….

have a good day, everyone!
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