Still dragging a bit today, even though I thought I was over the worst of this thing—cold, flu, whatever—last night. Then again, we’ve had a sudden cold snap here, which isn’t helping things. It finally really FEELS like fall, or maybe even winter. Bust out the sweaters and fleece, put away those strappy tanks for good. Sigh.

The one super nice thing about winter, though, is getting to use our fireplace. When we first built the house, we used it a couple of times, but my husband was convinced it actually made the house colder, something to do with the chimney and warm air getting sucked up it. (That’s about as technical an explanation as I can give you, sorry.) So we hardly used it at all, although I stared at it wistfully on cold nights, wishing we could. Then, finally, last year, on a cold cold night, I’d had enough. We had a bunch of wood sitting on our porch from the last ice storm, and I decided we should at least have ONE fire a year. So we piled on the wood, lit it and…it was nice. SO nice. Better yet, it made the room warmer, not colder. So since then, we’re totally into making a fire around five o’clock, just as it’s now (sadly) beginning to get dark.

The one bad thing about all this? Coco’s fascination with the fireplace. She doesn’t go near it when a fire is lit (thank goodness) but she just loves the burnt wood and ashes. As I write this, I have had to stop three times to go shoo her away from the hearth: she likes to poke her head through the little wire curtain (again, so technical) then pull out a blackened piece of wood and drag it across the carpet. Charming, isn’t it? I know. I think it might be time to get a thicker firescreen. Or maybe some obedience training. Or, both.

In other news, I finally finished all the episodes of Glimore Girls Fourth Season last night. And I have to say…I was disappointed with the whole Rory-Dean-first-time thing. Such a downer! And of course now I have to wait until the next set of DVDs is released to find out what happened next. It was nice to see Luke and Lorelei finally together, though. If only for a moment.

Finally, a question. I’m looking for a good place to buy some T-shirts: not necessarily VOTE FOR PEDRO kind of things, but more arty graphic stuff, for gifts. Kind of like, if you’re at all familiar with that. Again, I come to you, the experts. If you have any good places to recommend, please do so. Thanks!

Uh-oh. I hear jangling. Coco’s on the move again. Better go.

have a good day, everyone!
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