First look…

Nice, right? It’s so pretty. I’m so happy, I can’t even tell you.

Meanwhile, in other news, a milestone to report. Today, October 26th, at about 8am, I saw my first Christmas commercial. I was in the kitchen, pouring coffee, when I heard something from the TV that sounded…familiar. What is that? I thought, racking my brain. A second later, it hit me: it was a Christmas song. No way, I thought, I must be hearing things—I had not yet had my coffee, so this was entirely possible—but then I walked over to the TV, just in time to see a Santa face as the commercial was going off.

It’s October! Not even Halloween yet! I mean, how do they expect us to enjoy that, or Thanksgiving, or anything, if they already start with the holiday crap this early? It’s just not right! There should be a law! How is this POSSIBLE???

*takes deep breath*

I think I’ll just look at my cover again.

Ahhh. It’s so pretty. Isn’t it?

have a good day everyone!
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