Hair update: I did not get the Rory bangs. Partially because I wasn’t entirely sure I could work them like she does, but mostly because Lars, who cuts my hair, shuddered at the suggestion. He is not, he told me, a “bang person.” And he knows me pretty well, so I had to agree.

This is another one of those things about living in your hometown: your connections go on, and on. Lars is a prime example. We were in the same second grade class, friends in high school AND he was my date for the senior prom. (I was in a very poufy Jessica McClintock dress—don’t ask, it was the 80’s, okay?–and he wore a shiny gray suit. We both wish no pictures remained, I think. But I digress.) After high school, he was roomates with my now-husband, and after he went to hair school he became my stylist. He is really good at what he does and, I told him yesterday, possibly the hardest working man in Durham, NC. Which is saying something. But what he is not, clearly, is a fan of bangs. But he did promise me dazzling highlights next time, so it’s all good.

And now, it’s Friday, I am STILL coughing, but I will survive. I intend to be phlegm-free by the end of the weekend and fully ready to join the land of the living. Fingers crossed, at any rate.

Finally, thanks to everyone who voted for the YALSA Teens Top Ten List, where The Truth About Forever came in at number two, right after those Girls In Pants. As Kristy Palmetto would say, that’s extraordinary. It made me so happy. Even more than new bangs.

have a great day everyone!

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