So today, they release the complete Sex and the City DVD set, every single episode plus a bunch of extras, all packaged in a gorgeous pink suede case. It looks fabulous, of course, but the downside is that I already of course own every single season, all of which were packaged not to prettily (or sturdily: my season two is actually held together by a rubber band, which would shame Carrie to no end, I am sure). This is the frustrating thing about DVDs: they are always coming out with new versions, so the one you have is pretty much passe the minute you open it up. Still, I won’t be buying the new set, I can’t justify it. Although if they have the episodes listed and described on the back of each season—which they didn’t in the earlier releases—I will be so mad. There’s nothing worse than having to pick through your sets looking for the one where Carrie is in the celebrity fashion show (my favorite one of all time) because you can never remember the season, switching discs in and out of the player, cursing, when a SATC craving hits. Can you tell that has happened to me before? Um, yeah.

I do envy those Sex and the City newbies, though. Can you imagine if you’d never seen the show, and now you could sit down and watch it from start to finish, on your own time? Oh, I shudder just to think of it. SO GREAT. Almost as great as I felt watching all the Gilmore Girl seasons in order this summer and fall. The joy is indescribable. (And if you don’t think I’ll be at Best Buy first thing on Dec. 13, when GG Season Five is released, you just do not know me. At ALL.) For those of us who have been in on the SATC thing from the start though, we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with our beat-up collection, rubber band and all. But oh, well. It’s still great. Even without the pretty package.

have a good day, everyone!
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