How is it 10am and I haven’t left the house yet?

I was up early, with big plans. I was going to take a shower, get dressed, get everything done (so easy to write, harder to do) and then bolt out the door by eight to run errands. Now….it’s two hours later, and I’m still here, with my cold coffee. What happened? And why does sitting in front of the computer somehow suck every bit of motivation out of me?

Oh, who even knows. At least there is one thing to be excited about: The O.C. returns tonight, after being pushed off the schedule by baseball. It is a new one, right? The sad thing is that even if it was a rerun I would watch, because quite frankly I am in withdrawl. I’ve been so desperate, in fact, that I’ve gotten completely re-addicted to 90210, courtesy of SoapNet. I mean, I’d been recording them daily at 5pm, but usually I’d only watch one or so a week, and the rest would eventually delete themselves. Now, however, I find myself frighteningly up to date. And it’s not even the good season that’s on right now: it’s mid-college, just when Jennie Garth got pregnant, nothing too exciting happening and, more importantly (to me, anyway) no Dylan. Last night, it was the one where Kelly and Brandon get back together, and watching it I kept thinking, this is so sweet. But then I’d remember that they don’t end up together, and it just made me feel tired, like maybe it was all a waste of time. This is the problem with watching reruns of shows that are already long over: you know how it all ends. Brandon and Kelly might be happy now, but we know what’s in store. When she said she chose him, in the end, I thought, “Actually…no. You didn’t.”

But I still love the show, regardless. And it does hold me over well until the O.C. is on, a show where all future hookups and heartbreaks are yet to be written. And at least it’s better than getting entirely sucked into Laguna Beach, with the whole LC/Jason thing. Oh, the fact that I even KNOW that is just embarrassing. At least with 90210, you had social consciousness, and with the O.C., there’s Adam Brody. On Laguna….oh, I don’t even know how to defend it. So I won’t even try.

Okay, enough TV talk. Time to leave. It’s a gorgeous day! Enjoy it.

have a good day, everyone!