When did I become someone who always seems to be running late?

When I was growing up, I was programmed to be early everywhere. I was always the first person to any agreed meeting place, and would have to at least spend fifteen minutes waiting around for my friends, who had already perfected the skill of being fashionably late. But something has happened, in the last year or so: my ETA keeps shifting, a few minutes here, another minute there. I’ll show up all winded and apologetic, saying, “I’m never late!” when really, I am, or at least I am more than I used to be. Maybe it’s getting older. Or more relaxed? At any rate, just by explaining all this, I’ve wasted even more time I don’t have. Ooops.

Before I rush off (apolgetic and frazzled), three things: first, a thanks to Mig and everyone else at Carolina Friends School for showing me such a good time yesterday. I read, answered some questions, and got to see some old friends (Hi Molly and Zoe and Ella and Betsy!) which is always nice. Plus I got a super comfy new sweatshirt I intend to wear all winter.

Second, to the person who asked after Coco yesterday: thank you, and she’s fine. You can check her out in the icon above, posing with her stuffed chicken, which she loves above all else. Even me, I think.

Finally, a big congratulations to zeisgeistLara, whose new book Anyone But You , is out today. Check it out: I know I will.

Now, I’m off. Late. Again.

have a good day, everyone!
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