Okay: I haven’t watched last night’s Gilmore Girls yet, so don’t tell me what happened! Okay? Okay.

I was out with a friend having drinks and dinner, and got home around nine, only to find my husband camped out watching House, his favorite show. Plus, I was tired, and I really want to be in my best frame of mind possible for the Return of Jess. So I’ll settle in tonight, with my cheese and crackers, and watch it under the most ideal circumstances possible. I can’t wait.

In other news, something weird happened today. I was just sitting here, checking out some websites, when I thought to myself, “Hmm, maybe I’ll go ahead and get started on my Christmas shopping.” Then I realized that last week, I actually ordered my Christmas cards. It’s official: I’ve become one of those people who actually starts getting ready for the holidays EARLY. This is SO not me. If you need an example, I can tell you that I haven’t really sent OUT Christmas cards in ages, because I could never pull it together in time, so I just didn’t even try. Now, they’re en route to me and it isn’t even December yet. Step back! Plus, I’m stockpiling catalogs, marking pages, and beginning to make gift lists. What is happening to me?

I used to the be kind of person who waited until I’d finished grading all my final papers, then bolted to the mall and did all my shopping in two days, so rushed and madly that my credit card was smoking. If you were lucky, your gift was wrapped: if not, I just told you to close your eyes and pulled it out from behind my back. I’m not sure I WANT to be the kind of person who has their shopping done early. It’s like it goes against the laws of nature, or something.

Maybe I just need to work on my slackness. I’ve gotten too productive in the last couple of months. A certain remedy: daytime TV, US Weekly, and starting to think about things that are proven to make me procrastinate, like my taxes, paying the mortgage and cleaning out my closet. Ah..yes. I can feel it happening already, that hazy laziness settling in. Maybe I’ll just hang out at home today and do nothing. I do have that Gilmore Girls waiting. And then there’s Tyra’s new show, haven’t watched that yet. And that stack of magazines piled up by the bed…..

Oh, man, it’s like riding a bike. So easy.

have a good day, everyone!
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