Good morning.

I am recovering today from a VERY busy but good weekend, which culminated in a retirement party that my brother, mother and I threw for my father on Saturday night. This was a big deal, something I’d been working on all fall, and luckily it came off very well, if I do say so myself. Everyone seemed to have a good time, my dad was pleased, we had enough food (something I ALWAYS worry about) and the one stain that ended up on the rug came out pretty quickly. Can’t ask for more than that, right? And now I can relax. At least for a few minutes.

Or, until Thanksgiving, which is right about the corner. Yikes! As far as holidays, though, Thanksgiving is pretty much my favorite. After all, it is devoted to eating, one of my favorite activities, followed by laying around digesting, also very fun. You’re allowed—if not encouraged—to watch TV during the day, you have turkey sandwiches (which I also love!) for days afterwards. Plus, it’s the last quiet moment before you officially have to start thinking about the December holidays, and all the attending craziness of that. This year, I’m thinking I’ll make mashed potatoes (my standard) and a chocolate-bourbon pecan pie (a bit of a stretch). I am hungry already! Bring it on….

Speaking of hunger, I had a weird experience yesterday. You know those sanitation grades that restaurants are legally obligated to have up where you can see them when you come in? Do you ever really look at those? I don’t, normally, but yesterday I went into one of my favorite places here (I will not say where it was, only that I love their egg salad) and while standing in line, I happened to glance at their grade at saw it was an 87.0. Which is LOW. Very low, so it gave me big-time pause.

The thing is, the grades aren’t all about sanitation or germs. You can get graded down for not having something painted, or one little duct issue. I know this from when I worked at the Burrito, and the health inspector would come in with their clipboard and check everything, from the dust under some totally out of the way surface to the temperature of the beans. Anything off, and you got graded down, but then we’d immediately fix it, get re-checked, and the grade went back up where it was supposed to be. So at this place yesterday, it was probably something like that. But still. An 87? Standing there in line, I started to get a little nervous. The longer I waited, the less appealing that egg salad was seeming. In the end, I went with my gut instinct and left, because even my duct-bean temperature logic wasn’t working in the face of salmonella and worse.


Then again, who am I to judge? It’s not like my kitchen is all that clean either. I’d hate to see how I’d fare in an inspection. I’m sure my ducts are dusty. But I guess the mess you know is better than the one you don’t. Or something like that. Maybe this will inspire me to clean today. Really get out the disinfectant, start scrubbing, get it all spic and span.

Or, not. Maybe I’ll just go road-test some other egg salads instead. That sounds good, actually…..

have a good day, everyone!
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