Did you know that Nicole Richie has written a novel? And that 50 Cent is going to write novellas? Neither did I.

(I really don’t have anything to say about this. I just found it interesting. Actually, I do have something to say: I like Nicole’s title. But maybe because it’s awfully close to one of mine. Diamonds ARE forever, right? Oh, now I’m just babbling.)

Speaking of books, I’m in the market for something new to write when I sign mine, but I can’t think of anything. This has been a problem for ages. I am SO boring when it comes to inscriptions, I can’t even tell you. I either write ALL BEST, and my name, or ALL BEST WISHES and my name. That’s it. I am so impressed by other authors who write cool stuff, like Laurie Halse Anderson, who when she signs her book Speak writes SPEAK UP!, or my friend Lee Smith, who sometimes writes BLESS YOUR HEART! which I don’t think I could pull off even if I tried. When one of my students got my copy of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius signed for me, Dave Eggers wrote, “Sarah: Teach the children well. And if you can’t, flunk their lazy asses.” I loved that.

I guess I could just write my name, but that seems even worse. It’s something it seems like I should have thought about, or been thinking about, but it only really comes up when I have signings to do, and then I forget about it. I need something good by May. Ideas?

I wonder what Nicole writes. Or 50, for that matter. Somehow, I think it isn’t ALL BEST. Maybe BLESS YOUR HEART? Hmmmmm.

have a good day, everyone!
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