Look what I got!

It was a gift from my cousin Barbara–thank you again!—and when she gave it to me I literally shrieked. I wrote here awhile back about how I couldn’t justify buying this for myself, but for someone ELSE to get it for me…well, that’s just fabulous. (As Carrie would say.) Now I can put aside my over-loved seasons, held together with their rubber bands, for the definitive collection. And it’s pink! What more could you want?

I am literally running out the door as I write this—okay, not as, it would be hard to run and type at the same time—but I will say two quick things. First, I was sad to see Lisa go last night on ANTM, but I think it was time. And second, I was SO HAPPY to see the Rory-Lorelei reunion the night before on GG. It was about time for that, too, wasn’t it? Yeah. It was.

Sorry for the quick entry, I’m off to do a school visit. Then it’s home, lunch and….opening that pink book to Season One. Yes!

have a good day, everyone!