Okay. Let’s get the serious news out of the way first, shall we?

So Talan from Laguna Beach is marrying Rod Stewart’s daughter. If you’re asking yourself “Who is Talan from Laguna Beach?” you are a better person than me, and should be commended. Let’s just leave it at that.

Second: Matthew McCoughney is the sexiest man alive. As Wooderson would say: alright, alright, alright. I’m happy for MM, because I love him, clearly. But I do think the People thing is always kind of funny. I mean, is the alive necessary? Would they pick a dead person? Maybe. Maybe this clarity is needed. Who am I to say otherwise? I mean, I know who Talan is, and therefore have no judgement whatsoever.


At any rate, it’s Friday, and next week is a short week, so it’s all good. Later today, I hope to have even more reason to celebrate, as we are finally installing a water filter system in our house. As I’ve said before, we live out in the boondocks, and are not on city water: we have a well system. Along with a well system, you may or may not know, comes things like soil and iron algae and stuff like that. The bottom line is that anything white that I own, after a couple of washings, begins to turn beige, then beiger (is that even a word?) and then kind of brown. This has been fine, thus far, mostly because I don’t buy a lot of white, as I am a messy person. I splatter, I spill, I stain. It’s just me. Anyway, after today, I CAN buy white if I want to, because our water will be cleaner. Which is just so exciting and incredibly domestic I can’t even tell you.

I know some of you are sitting there, perplexed, thinking, well water? I had a student a couple of years back who, when I relayed this information about my house, said, totally seriously, “So you have to go out with a bucket everyday, and get your water to, like, drink and bathe with?” No. In fact, you wouldn’t even know we were on a well if I didn’t tell you (well, you might if you tried to wash a white sweater. But would you really do that?). The fact is, like no cable TV (thank god for satellite!) or pizza delivery, it’s just part of Living Out Here. Now, if I DID have to pull up water, Little House on the Prairie Style, that would be different. I mean, there’s rustic, and then there’s crazy.

So there you have it. A little bit of domestic information to follow the shallowness of sexy living men and the lovelife of reality stars. Does it balance them out? Probably not. But at least I tried.

have a good day, everyone!
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