You know how some weeks, you just feel like you’re a day behind? I feel that way today, but it’s even worse, because I’m, like, a week off. Or something. Let me explain.

Yesterday, due to various family commitments, we had Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. Turkey, dressing, family bonding, the whole deal. It was Sunday, yes, and NOT Thanksgiving, but somehow I have been unable to grasp this concept. I keep thinking that it’s Friday today, or that the holiday is over, and I have this incredibly strong urge to go shopping, as if it IS the day after Turkey Day. (On the other hand, I often have that urge and it’s not holiday-related.) My point is, I’m all askew.

It doesn’t help that this week is always kind of odd anyway: only three days of real work, and everyone seems to ditch out on Wednesday early, so you’ve barely even begun the week when it’s over. Adding to my confusion? We’re doing another Thanksgiving on Tuesday night, with MY family. So by Wednesday I doubt I’ll even know WHO I am, much less what day it is. Maybe I should just give it up and declare that it’s Thanksgiving every day and leave it at that. Although God knows I ate enough yesterday to hold me over until next year. Yikes.

Also very Turkey-day-ish: we came home and camped out on the couch as whatever that drug turkey has in it kicked in. (I’m too lazy to look it up right now, so it may still be in effect.) At any rate, I settled in front of the fire, put on my pjs, and watched Pirates of the Carribean, which I have had from Netflix FOREVER. This was one of those movies everyone was telling me I HAD to see, and I’m glad I watched it: I liked it. And I liked Orlando Bloom much better in this role than in Elizabethtown. Plus, Keira Knightley: seriously, is anyone more naturally beautiful? Because I would really like to see them. She is gorgeous. Makes me want to see Pride and Predjudice even more.

And there are SO many good movies out right now! Someone mentioned that they were disappointed I didn’t mention Harry Potter on Friday, to which I say, whoops. In my defense, though, I’m not a die-hard fan of the books like many are—although I’ve read a few of them—and if I’m to be totally honest, I’m actually more excited about Walk the Line. Harry is great: but Johnny is king. Can.not.wait. Must go, and soon. I also want to see Rent, and Pride and Predjudice, as mentioned above, and….oh, I’m sure there’s something else. Forget trying to keep track of the week. I’ll just let it ride, and lose myself in turkey, stuffing and movie popcorn. So nice, I won’t even care what day it is. Sounds like a plan.

have a good day, everyone!
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