Okay, first things first: tonight is the finale of the most current cycle (I love how they don’t say seasons!) of America’s Next Top Model. I have come to an understanding about ANTM, and this is it: there are people who watch this show, and know it by heart, and get entirely sucked in, and those who don’t. As you can probably tell by the whole cycle/season thing, plus the fact that I’m leading off with this today, you can kind of guess which one I am. I have given up trying to deny it. So tonight, we’re down to three: Bre, Nik and Nicole. (It’s tricky, with the similiar names. You have to pay attention!) Since I was a big fan of Kim, who got cut a couple of weeks ago, I don’t know who I want to win. But if I had to wager….I’d pick Nik. Just a hunch. We shall see.

In other, more important culturally news, thanks to the Writer’s Almanac I know that today is the birthday of Tom Waits, who is, in a word, incredible. My favorite album of all time (and I hate picking favorites of anything, because I’m so indecisive) is Rain Dogs, and I think he’s just brilliant. If you’ve never heard any Tom Waits, run, do not walk, to your music seller of choice and look for his songs. Besides Rain Dogs, which is pretty much a masterpiece, I love “The Piano Has Been Drinking” and “Johnsburg, Illinois,” which is the shortest and most perfect love song, you won’t even believe it. A lot of people call songwriters poets, but not all of them really are. Tom Waits is the real deal. So happy birthday to him.

Finally, I am off this morning to do some serious damage to my Christmas List. This is ALWAYS hard for me, though, as the minute I get into the mall I get all distracted and usually end up leaving a couple of hours later with nothing good for anyone else but lots of fun stuff for me. Which is very selfish and nonproductive. So, this year, I am determined to be different. I have a list. Focus. Drive. And a time frame, so I will have to be businesslike and efficient. Also, I will bypass the Gap and Banana Republic, which are too tempting. And maybe Nordstrom. And….well, that doesn’t leave all that much, does it? Hmm. I will just have to be strong.

*takes deep breath*

have a good day, everyone!
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