As predicted, I was wrong AGAIN about the outcome of America’s Next Top Model. (If you didn’t watch, or have it Tivoed, stop reading! Right now!)

Okay, so it was Nicole. She’s cute, and young, and all that stuff. I just wish I’d been more excited about the contestants. Maybe next cycle?

Meanwhile, now that yet ANOTHER one of my shows has finished—for the time being anyway—I can turn my attention to an all-time winter obsession: Carolina basketball. I’m a bit behind already, as I haven’t watched a single game yet (I know! I know!) but it’s not too late. I just need to get with it.

There was a time when I was OBSESSED with UNC basketball. I watched every game, all the preseason stuff, read the sports page religiously, could quote statistics and the various specifics of our winning or losing record. I lived and breathed it, whether our team was great (which is often was) or not so great (those are the years you learn who the true fans are). I would get so nervous on the days of big games my stomach would hurt, no joke.

But then I got a little older, and I stopped working at the Burrito (where my boss, Phil, encouraged and enabled this kind of fan ferocity and enthusiasm) and my obsession cooled a little bit. I still watched games, just not all of them. In the last couple of years, it got even worse: I barely watched at all, too caught up in my own life and stress and craziness. No excuse, I’m just explaining. But then last year, of course, our team was fantastic, and I became one of those people I’d once been so annoyed with, a fan that gets back into it just as the getting is good. I swore, at the end of last season, that I would be back with full attention as this one began, even if just about everyone from our team left after the championship win. But have I?

No. Not so far. We played last night, I didn’t watch. Shame on me! But again: it’s not too late. As soon as I finish this entry, I’m going to go find the dates and times of all the rest of the games and write them in on my calendar. Put UNC on my To Do List, HIGH PRIORITY! where it belongs.

Even without watching the games, though, you just know when basketball season is in the air. Case in point: this morning, when, in the freezing cold, my husband was taking out the garbage. I grabbed this one box he’d forgotten, and yelled out to him just as he was opening the garbage can. “Toss it here,” he said, holding out his hand, but I wanted to take the shot, so I did. It was only about five feet, but the arc was nice, and on the way down, he slapped it in, giving me a solid assist. “Alley-oop!” I yelled, and that’s when I knew for sure. You can forget basketball, but basketball will not forget you. And that’s a good thing.

have a good day, everyone!
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