So today, I’m fascinated by this: the chocolate fountain.

I saw an ad for one of these in the paper yesterday, on special sale for holiday gift giving. And my question is: how practical is this, really? I mean, I can see it might be fun. For about fifteen minutes. But how much longer can you actually see yourself standing by a steady stream of chocolate, dipping things into it? Wouldn’t that get old, eventually? (And you KNOW how I love chocolate.) I think for a gift like this to really be worth the money you’d have to get steady use out of it. Like, just keep it plugged in and running at all times, on your counter next to your coffeemaker, so you could dip anything—from your morning banana to those saltines you eat before bed—into it. “What IS that?” your friends might ask, as it blurbles and gurgles. “My chocolate fountain,” you’d tell them. “Wanna dip something in it?” It would have to always be an option. But then again, you’d also have to have your dentist on speed dial, not to mention a possible supply of insulin.

More likely, it’s the kind of thing you give someone, they get excited about and then use maybe once, or twice, and then it gets all gunky and clogged, or is hard to wash, or tastes terrible (chocloate not really being a free-flowing sort of dessert, really) and then it gets stuffed under the counter with the homemade s’more thing and the smoothie maker that never tasted as good as Jamba Juice. Oh, well.

Maybe the better question is: why do I even think about these things? Anyone else would see it, think, Hmm, and then move on. Not me. Lucky I have this journal, I guess. Or else I’d probably still have it in my head, circling. Scary.

Speaking of the journal, if my entries become a little erratic in the next week or so, it’s because I’m slowing down everything for the holidays, including writing—of all kinds–so I can spend time with my friends and family and dogs. I know, you’re just so upset, especially after this fascinating entry. But no worries. I’ll be back on a regular schedule once the new year begins. Come 2006, it’s all thoughtful commentary, literary analysis and cultural insight.

And…chocolate fountains. No, just kidding. I think.

have a good day, everyone!
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