Interesting side effect of my new effort to be more relaxed and easygoing: I’m, um, just not getting things done quite so quickly. Whoops.

Case in point: our annual Christmas party, which is this weekend. It used to be that I began worrying over it practically the day after Thanksgiving, making long lists and checking things off, only to add more, and then check those off, and on and on. I stressed about whether we’d have enough food (we always do) or what everyone was bringing (it’s a potluck, and it always works out) and if my dogs would behave (usually, and there’s always the yard if they don’t). I had years when I would be so crabby from all this worrying that by the day of the actual party I would just be completely burned out and unhappy, and where’s the fun in that? Because things DID always work out, even if we had thirty desserts and no side dishes, or it rained cats and dogs and a lot of people couldn’t come, or someone got rowdy and shoved a pie in someone else’s face who did NOT think it was funny (true story). Anyway, my point is that the party was always good, in the end, but not much fun all the way up to there.

However, this year, I’m on this new relaxed kick. I’m just not stressing so much about everything anymore. But the result is that I’ve hardly been focused on the party, and now it’s, um, right here and I’m heading out today to do…everything. Again: whoops. In my mind, though, this is better than thirty or so days of regular stress, just a little spike at the end. And it will all work out, even if I forget to buy crescent rolls or don’t get enough chicken wings. Right?

Of course.

Before I head off to Get All This Done, two quick TV notes. First, it appears I am not alone in 90210 fixation: did anyone else notice that Summer was wearing a DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES t-shirt on the OC last night? Very cool. Also, I’m currently halfway through the first disc of Gilmore Girls Season Five, and last night I saw the one with Luke and Lorelei’s first date. SO, so good. How often does it happen that you anticipate something, and then it’s just as great as you hoped? Rarely, especially on TV. Or in life. Here’s hoping my party’s the same way.

have a good day, everyone!
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