All kinds of mayhem here this morning, and every time I sit down to try and begin this entry, I hear Coco moving around downstairs and I have to go see what she’s up to. So far, in no particular order, it’s been: chewing on the dog bed, climbing onto the hearth and chewing on firewood, attacking Monkey when he’s just minding his own business, barking for no reason (other than to bring me downstairs, I think) and trying to drag her blanket out of her grate and race around the room with it. I’m exhausted, and I’m not even DOING any of this stuff, just trying to stop it.

Is there a terrible two kind of phase for dogs? That hits around, say, seven months? (You know how those dog years are, accelerated and all.) Because I think we’re in it.

Anyway. In other news, a couple of people posted questions yesterday about the release date of the new book. Now, I have been told May, but is saying April 20th. The truth is, I’m not sure WHAT that means, but I do know that sometimes the dates on Amazon change. So if anyone from Penguin is reading this (Holly? Allison?) maybe they can tell us the correct date, if it’s even set in stone yet. That’s my theory: when in doubt, go to the experts.

Now, if only I could get Cesar from the Dog Whisperer here, I’d be all set. For now, though, I have to go. It sounds like she’s doing crazy laps around the fireplace.

have a good day, everyone!
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