Happy New Year!

Here we are, 2006, a brand new start. I’m still feeling optimistic about all my resolutions (probably because it’s only been two full days) which included learning more about the stock market (so I can stop keeping my money under my mattress) delegating more (so I can stop being so controlling) and being nicer to my husband (which is his request for my resolution every year, so I tack it on just to humor him. That’s nice, right?). Anyway, I had a lovely couple of weeks off to enjoy the holiday, with many fun activities. In the spirit of being more organized (another resolution: I tackled the hall closet last night, you should see it!) a top ten list of holiday highlights:

1. Entertaining. Yes, it was exhausting hosting gatherings three Saturdays running, sometimes with another on Sunday, but opening my house and my dogs and all the attending chaos was still a lot of fun. Of course, I’ve now sworn I’m having no one over and cooking nothing but beanie weenies for the entire month of January, but it was worth it.

2. Wonder Boys, by Michael Chabon. I love it when you read a book and it immediately jumps onto your Best Of All Time list. Happened with Empire Falls, too. Now I just have to see the movie, which I’ve always loved, again.

3. New paint. Okay, so this is still in progress—about to start up again in twenty minutes or so, in fact—but it’s been a great thing. To see your same old kitchen in a whole new way is both startling and amazing. I love it. I’ll get pictures up at some point, I promise.

4. Speaking of pictures, my new Quickcam is just about the coolest thing ever. I’ve already figured out how to do little audio snippets (which can be downloaded as podcasts!) as well as video ones. Brace yourself, people. You may just meet my dogs in person. All I can say is that I warned you.

5. The documentary Grizzly Man. Disturbing, bizarre, beautiful. Kind of like the holidays, I guess. I recommend it highly, it will make you think.

6. Gilmore Girls season five. (What, you thought I could do a top ten list without it?) It just keeps getting better. I’m at the one where Luke and Lorelei break up, and seeing her so broken almost brought me to tears. I think I am entirely too bonded with this character. Did you know that the other day I saw a beige jeep and said to my husband, “Look! That’s like Lorelei’s!” I know, it’s pathetic. I need to get out more. Maybe that should be another resolution?

7. Basketball season. Which officially starts now, after a bunch of smaller, non conference games. On Friday night, I was picking up my brother and nephew at the airport when, while circling the terminal, I saw UNC head coach Roy Williams. Which, for me, is kind of like seeing Lorelei Gilmore standing there with a garment bag, waiting for her car. Anyway, I could not help myself: when he glanced over at me as I passed, I waved like a crazy person and shouted “Helllloooo!” He raised his eyebrows and nodded, the way you do at someone you consider volatile. I was so embarrassed. I was going to apologize the next I came around, but he was gone. Of course. Sigh.

8. Fireworks. My neighbor set off a bunch right after midnight on the first, as he always does, and it’s the best way to start off the new year. Big bursts of color, lots of oohing and aahing…I can only hope the rest of the year is even close to that exciting.

9. The I Spy Memory Game. My nephew has been beating me at this for the last couple of days, it’s horrible. I knew I was kind of forgetful, but oh, my God. And there’s nothing to bring out your competetive side like getting creamed by a five year old. He beat me at checkers, too. Honestly.

10. Anticipation. Okay, so this isn’t from the holidays as much as what lies ahead this year. Now that it’s 2006, it’s really starting to hit me that I have a book coming out, and pretty soon. I’m excited, and scared to death. I can’t wait to hear what people think and I’m terrified for everyone to read it. I’m happy and crazy, nervous and ready, a million contradictions, just like the other six times I did this. It never gets old, any part of it. But after all the hard work, I’m ready. More than. Here we go….

have a great day everyone!
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