Right now, I am all about productivity. Or, I am trying to be. It’s only 9:50. We’ll see how it goes.

Today’s focus: my closets. Every year, as the new year begins, I make an attempt to throw out or give away as much stuff as I can. Out with the old, in with the new, and all that. I firmly believe that clutter makes you FEEL cluttered, and lately whenever I open my closet—usually prompting a sweater or pair of jeans to fall down on my head from the towering, unstable piles therein—I feel so overwhelmed I can’t see straight. I have GOT to get rid of some stuff. I mean, do I really NEED all those pairs of jeans that I haven’t worn in years, and probably will never wear (i.e. fit into) again? No. I do not. So as soon as I finish this entry, I’m going to go downstairs, grab a couple of heavy duty garbage bags, and get to work. Seriously.

Okay, maybe I’ll stop for coffee first. But then it’s all work. I swear.

Part of my inspiration from all this comes from the fact that yesterday, I went to the mall, armed with my Christmas giftcards. The sales were GREAT, oh my goodness. I bought a new pair of jeans (I know, I know, I have all those pairs I don’t wear, it’s terrible) and a bright orange sweater the color of construction cones. I also flitted though the Nordstrom cosmetics department—the happiest place on earth, I think—but didn’t buy anything. Instead, came home and logged onto Sephora, where I spent the last of my Christmas money. Yikes.

Okay, but that’s IT. No joke. From now on, it’s all about getting things OUT, not bringing them in. I am going to reduce, simplify, streamline. I will be calm and light of possessions and heart. Now, I just have to do the work. Which I will. Right now. After my coffee. I swear!

edit: is it bad luck to throw away/throw out your wedding dress? Let me say this: it’s not a family heirloom, and I’m not overly attached to it. Anyone?

have a good day, everyone!
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