So it’s Monday, the second week of January, and you know what that means. We’re not at February sweeps yet, a lot of shows are still in reruns (new Gilmore this week? PLEASE?) or haven’t started yet (American Idol, Top Model), and now we get a bunch of NEW shows for our consideration. Frankly, I’m already watching too much TV, so I really am making an effort not to pick up anything else and instead focus on all the documentaries on my Netflix list, like Murderball, which I watched the other night and thought was really good. Also: The March of the Penguins, which should arrive in my mailbox this week. Am the only person who has not been transfixed by the penguins? I think so. But soon I will be. I hope.

Still, I must admit a sort of sick fascination with a few new shows, so I’ll probably cave. I already caught a few minutes of the new Dancing With the Stars (Lord help me): ABC is clearly following the American Idol model of dragging results out ENDLESSLY to pad the show with as many ads as possible. Good God. But if I have to pull for someone, I’d pull for Drew Lachey, if only because on Newlyweds (another show I’m embarrasssed to say I ever watched) he seemed like such a nice, down to earth guy. And since we can’t pull for Nick, we might as well do the next best thing, right? Plus you gotta love a guy who can cha-cha-cha.

Speaking of Idol, it comes back next week, and again I will most likely swear I will not get sucked in, and then do just that, to my eternal shame. I blame the fact that there’s just not that much happening in January and February, but really, that’s such a lame excuse. Hello, I have a house to clean, dogs to play with, books to read, societal changes to make. I do not need to waste my time on Idol. And yet, I will. I just KNOW I will.

Truth be told, the other new shows—Heather Graham’s, Fred Savage’s, Jenna Efman’s—don’t look all that appealing to me, although I am excited that both Jason Priestley and Luke Perry are both going to be back in primetime, although, alas, not together. How great would THAT be? A girl can dream, I guess. In the meantime, I guess we’re just going to have to make do with the cha cha cha and an awful lot of Ryan Seacrest. That societal change is looking pretty good now, right?


Until then, I can offer you something else for your viewing pleasure. It’s not Idol, or Luke Perry. Or even that interesting. But it’s entertaining to me, at any rate. I give you: my dogs.

have a good day, everyone!