So I’m back from a lovely weekend in the mountains of NC, where I caught up with old friends, ate lots of good food, and had the best facial of my life, which relaxed me so much I could barely drag myself off the table when it was done. All in all, a good time.

I came home to piles of emails and so many shows backed up on my Tivo that I fear I will never get to them. So much to watch! To say! In the interest of time, I’ll keep it short and sweet, if a little random:

1. Okay, so I know everyone has weighed in on the whole James Frey thing and we’re all sick of it. But I will say this: I read the book when it first came out and REALLY liked it. I was so happy for him when it was chosen. And I stuck by him when he was on Larry King, feeling that yes, he’d fudged some details but on the whole the story was still a good, compelling one. But then I saw the Oprah, where he admitted to lying about a LOT more, and now I feel…sad. For him, weirdly enough. He’s a good writer: he should have just marketed it as a novel, based on his experiences, and then the recovery conversation could have gone on and still done some good. I know it was a bad thing to do, lying to us–and lying to Oprah, which is career suicide—but I’m actually a little worried about James Frey. I hope he’s okay.

2. Speaking of books, right now, I am reading Middlesex, and it is so good I don’t want it to end. Why can’t all books be this good? In fact, why can’t MY books be this good? Oh, well.

3. Not only am I now worried about James Frey, but also Seth Cohen. Smoking pot and blowing off your college interview? This is probably just a way of setting up keeping the whole OC Gang in Newport next year, but still. I worry.

4. Every time my dog brings me a toy to throw and I’m on the phone, or too busy, I hear “Cat’s in the Cradle” in my head. She will probably grow up, and then when I want to play she’ll be too busy and blow me off. And it will be just what I deserve.

5. The galleys and promotional CDs for Just Listen just went out, and already someone’s put a couple up for sale on Ebay. Is this flattering or weird? I can’t decide.

6. I am now offically addicted to Kashi peanut butter bars. They taste like candy, but they’re good for you! It’s the perfect snack! On a related note, why is it that I can justify eating ANYTHING I buy at Whole Foods as healthy, even if it’s chock full of butter and sugar? It’s a psychological thing, I swear. And marketing genius on their part.

7. And finally, one last TV note: The Dog Whisperer is back with new episodes. If you have a dog, you should be watching this show. Even if you DON’T have a dog, you can learn so much about behavior it’s mindboggling. It is now my goal to approach the world in a constant state of Calm Assertive, just like Cesar. First I have to work on the Calm part, although the facial helped. Assertive might take a bit of time, too. But the year is young, right?

have a good day, everyone!
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