So it’s 8:35, and I’m about to watch the Oscar nominations. If I can type fast enough as they are announced, I’m going to TRY and respond in real-time. First, my hopes: that Reese is nominated for Best Actress, Heath Ledger for Brokeback, and Jake Gyllenhaal for SOMETHING. Here we go….

Mira Sorvino is TALL! Okay,back to business…

Supporting Actress: Haven’t seen Junebug, heard it was great AND set in NC. And yeah! Michelle Williams was nominated! She’s a long way from the Creek.

Supporting Actor: Matt Dillon! JAKE GYLLENHAAL! Okay, I just screamed out loud. I KNOW I was not the only one who loved him before he was on Oprah, but now am officially OBSESSED.

Best Actress: Keira Knightley! Reese! I just screamed again. Now that’s gonna be a hard one to choose, I love them both.

Best Actor: Terrence Howard! Heath Ledger! Joaquin! Okay, another hard choice.

Directors: Ang Lee (of course) Paul Haggis for Crash! And…Spielberg. Huh.

Screenplay: Crash! Woody Allen! The Squid and the Whale! (Which I totally predicted, since it had to get something, it was so good.)

Adapted Screenplay: Brokeback (of course) and Munich again.

(Whew, I’m taking a breather during Foreign film, sorry. So far I’ve only typed names and exclamation points. Whoops!)

Best Pictures: Brokeback, Capote, Crash (yes!) Goodnight and Goodluck, Munich.

Man. That was exhausting. And I didn’t have time (or the typing skills) to list every nominee, so it’s by no means a true list.

Okay, so as I said, I am THRILLED for Jake Gyllenhaall (I know I’m spelling his name wrong, it’s early. Edit: I went back and corrected it, because I do love him so much, I don’t want to disrespect). Heath Ledger has gotten so much attention, and Jake was really good, as well. Gotta think it’s a happy day at the Ledger/Williams house, right? And how cool is it that Crash got six nominations? That movie was INCREDIBLE. All in all, I’m pleased that so many movies that I 1) saw and 2) LIKED were nominated. Add in Jon Stewart, and it might actually be a good show. Fingers crossed!

have a good day, everyone!
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