So you know how I said that I was so glad so many of my shows had ended, because it meant I would be watching less TV, and therefore be a better person?

Yeah, well. Um.

I really have been doing well, I swear. But then the other day my friend Ashley told me she couldn’t believe I wasn’t watching Project Runway, and since she was about the 1,275th person to say I would really like it, I recorded an episode. And watched it. And REALLY liked it. So now I have about four more, waiting on my TV, putting me right on the verge of being officially sucked in. How did this happen?

As long as I’m making TV confessions, I must also tell you that I watched the pilot of Veronica Mars the other night (thank you, Netflix!) and REALLY liked that as well. Since I’m all caught up on my Gilmores, this might have to be my new thing. After all, it is the other show everyone says I should be watching. But if I AM going to take on two new shows, two have to go. So I guess it’s going to be…Meet the Barkers and Dancing With the Stars, neither of which I’ve been too into lately. See? Problem solved!

(All right, that’s called denial. Moving on!)

Meanwhile, I have a new pressure in my life: for our dog training class, Coco and I have to learn, and later perform, a trick. I guess, technically, that she’s learning it, although it’s hard on both of us. I’m going to try and teach her to shake, but so far, it’s slow going: she still kind of looks at me, cocking her head to the side, even as I grab her paw and pump it enthusiastically, like I’m closing a real estate deal. I REALLY want her to get it, though, if only because she’s just about the craziest dog in class, and I’d like to show she can do more than leap up and manhandle anyone who gets within a few feet of her. (If that was a trick, we’d be at Olympic level, no joke.)

Oh, well. These things, like weaning oneself off reality TV, take time. And patience. What can I say? I’m working on it.

have a good day, everyone!
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