Say what you will about the UNC-Duke rivalry—and believe me, I can say a lot—the games are never dull. Even in a year when one team is incredibly highly ranked and ballyhooed, and the other is, well, not. When I turned the game on last night, all I was hoping for was a decent showing. That we not go down in flames before the end of the first half. But we did even better than that: we almost won. Of course, almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, but still, I was proud. Now, however, I am exhausted, because I stayed up WAY late, biting my nails and fretting as the final minutes ticked away. But it was worth it.

Other big event yesterday: I made a roast. Yes, you read that right. I’m June freaking Cleaver. Seriously, though, my mother-in-law made this great roast at Christmas, and I was inspired to try it myself. Yesterday’s was actually my second effort, and, like most things I attempt, it is an ongoing work in process. The first time, I overcooked it; last night, the roast was at one point perfect, but my potatoes were hard as rocks. So I took the roast out, got the potatoes just right, but then the roast had somehow CONTINUED TO COOK EVEN OUT OF THE OVEN and was longer pink and delectable but, um, a little tougher. Whoops. But I am no quitter, especially when it comes to cooking. Me and my meat thermometer will persevere. At least once more, anyway.

Finally, tonight, we have the Grammy Awards, always worth a watch. This year, while I will be tuning in to see Madonna open the show, for me, it’s all about Mariah Carey. I love a comeback story. I mean, here’s Mariah, superstar, who has this total public meltdown, everyone writes her off as crazy or washed up or worse, and then she rises up again with a huge album and all this hype. If I am to be totally honest, I have always been a big Mariah fan, even when I was mocked mercilessly for it by my hipster friends. (I dare anyone to listen to “Heartbreaker” and not tap your foot. Double dare you!) Anyway, it’s nice to see the girl get her due. Now, if my Tar Heels could just do the same. Soon, though. Soon!

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