Monday morning, and I’m sitting here listening to drills whirring, hammers hammering, and people banging around in all sorts of other ways downstairs, as we slowly make our way to the end of our remodel. This all started back in August, when our friend Scott came down and helped my husband demo our old screen porch. Today, cabinets are going in and the final electrical stuff is getting done. Then it’s just trim and paint and voila: a sunroom. Just in time for some spring sun, maybe, in March.

I’ve written here before about how fascinating this process has been to me, all the ups and downs. It’s such a more collaborative thing than my own work, which is just me, in front of the computer, working away and freaking out inside my own head. There have been a few freakouts along the way here, as well—most by me, if I’m to be totally honest—but there is something nice about nearing the end, when you can look back and think, well, that was quite an experience, even while you’re enjoying the final result. It’s not all that different than how I feel about Just Listen right now. Sometime in the next month or so, real, actual books will arrive on my doorstep, and when I take one out, I’ll think back to how I started up here, terrified as always, and everything that came after that first sentence: writing, and revising, and crossing my fingers when I sent it off to my agent, and then editing, and more editing, and all the tweaking and worrying and doublechecking. And then: a book. All pretty and finished, just in time for spring.

Of course, I’m still terrified, as I always am when I’m about to have to book out. But at least I’ll have a nice sunroom to freak out in, right? So that’s good.

On a final note, I watched Junebug on Friday night, on Adam’s recommendation, and really liked it. I don’t think I’ve seen a movie in a long time, or maybe ever, that captured NC so well. Me and Courtney kept sighing at how REAL it all looked. Like the Cheerwine, and the kitchen with the Texas Pete on the lazy susan, and all the shots of a green, lush Carolina summer, with crepe myrtles blooming. Best of all, though, was one scene shot outside at night, when you could hear the bugs—or is it frogs? or both?—just screaming. I can’t describe it here, but if you’ve ever been in NC at night in the summer, you know what I’m talking about. It’s something you forget this time of year, when the nights are cold and quiet. But come warm weather, the screeching begins. It was nice to hear a little, just to remind me. Summer isn’t that far away, people. Although for those of you digging out up north today, I bet it sure seems like it. Right?

have a good day, everyone!