I woke up feeling ALL out of sorts today, a situation I am trying at this very moment to remedy with coffee. We shall see if it works. In the meantime, because I am all disconnected and blah, I will not even attempt a true, cohesive entry. In times like this, there is nothing like the random list. Away we go…

1. Why is it that, every year on American Idol, there’s at least one person who makes it through cut after cut, even though they seem to be completely set on sabotaging themselves at every turn? What is it in human nature that makes a person, once they are in striking distance of their biggest dream, do just about everything they can to make sure they don’t reach it? This is a question for the ages, I know. Not one for a YA writer who should be focusing on mainlining caffeine. But still, I wonder.

2. Yesterday, a man came from Directv to install my new dish. To do so, he had to climb out on our very steep and very high roof from an upstairs window. The entire time he was up there, I was camped out on our stairs, worrying, convinced at any moment I would see him tumbling past the window to land with a splat in the sideyard. He did not. But I wondered, after, if he was worried as I was.

3. I swear, it’s like my dogs can just TELL when I’m feeling frayed, and up the unnecessary barking (it’s a squirrel! a shadow! a leaf falling!) accordingly.

4. Fitted sheet folding update: I’m getting better. Not perfect yet, but not quite big messy piles either. Patience, people. This is the key. With sheets and, um, everything. (See above.)

5. Yesterday, suddenly, the kitchen began to stink to high heaven. We could not figure out the cause until I found, in the fridge, some leftover broccoli I cooked awhile back. “It can’t be this,” I said to my husband. “Vegetables don’t stink.” Then I opened the container: man, was I wrong. Whew! The gag reflex kicked in almost immediately, and it took us hours to get the smell out of the kitchen. It was downright toxic. Who knew something green and cruciferous could be so potent? Well, I do now.

6. Because of our new dish, we now get HD on our TV. Man. You can see, like, every pore and zit on every actor. It’s like a whole new world. But do I really want to know about celebrity dermatitis? I think this is a line I need to go ahead and draw. Like, right now.

7. My friend Jenny told me last week that in her opinion, Luke and Lorelei will never get married. Say it isn’t so, Amy Sherman-Palladino! PLEASE! (P.S. Everyone I know hates Logan, but I still like him. He’s no Jess, but I like him.)

8. The Electric Company is now out on DVD. If you have to ask what it is, you’re too young to remember. But those of you who DO, remember the faces in silouhette: “Dump…truck. Dumptruck!” Ah, memories.

9. I got roses for Valentine’s, and they are so beautiful I can’t even stand it. Plus, they smell fantastic. And probably would smell even better, if not for the lingering odor of rotting broccoli.

10. Finally: the O.C. What’s happening, people? Can I stand another Ryan-Marissa-split-pining-back-together arc? Or another Ryan fistfight? I want to believe what is coming up is not what we’ve seen before. The episodes leading up to graduation on 90210 were some of the best of the series. (Three words: Donna Martin Graduates!) Watch and learn, is all I have to say. Please.

Okay, enough randomness. Time to get over myself and get outside into the sunshine for an attitude adjustment…

have a good day, everyone!
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