Okay, so there’s this jello mold.

It might not exactly be a jello mold. On the package, it says “Strawberry Fruit Gelatin,” and it looks kind of, but not exactly, like this:  


And it’s in my fridge. Has been for a couple of weeks now, after my husband bought it at the grocery store for god knows what reason. Now, I am all about impulse shopping: I understand completely what it’s like to be walking the aisles and have something catch your eye and suddenly become not just interesting but crucial. However. The jello mold, in my mind, just would NEVER fit that category.

So he brought it home.  We had people over that night: nobody wanted any. Shocking, right? So now, it sits. In my fridge, which I am somewhat OCD about, taking up valuable space. Yesterday, I checked the expiration date: it’s May. Which brings me to my other problem.

I have a really hard time just tossing food, if it’s still good. If the date has passed, or it smells even slightly questionable, I have no problem chucking it, but if it doesn’t…guilt sets in. I think this is because of my upbringing. My mom was the leftover queen. She never wasted ANY food: if she made Swedish Meatballs, you’d be eating them until they were gone, and you’d like it. My mother would find a use for this jello mold. I, however, cannot bring myself to eat it, and so it will sit there until May, a bright-red reminder of our wasteful ways. Great. 

Maybe I could put it outside, for the birds and the squirrels. I know people put out bread and peanut butter….no? Okay, fine. Geez.

In other news, someone left a comment yesterday saying they appreciate my efforts to have proper grammar and punctuation in my entries. To which I say: Thank You. I do proofread, although occasionally I miss a typo or something else. However, this person had one request: that I please begin to capitalize the H on the final “have a good day, everyone!” at the end of each entry. Let me just say: I understand that it’s wrong, and that it might bother some folks. But for me, for whatever reason, I like how it looks. It’s just kind of nice and casual, and I’m used to it, so I probably won’t change it. But please know that I appreciate the fact that it bugs you, and I’m sorry about that. Maybe you’d like a jello mold?

No? Okay, fine. Sheesh.

H/have a good day, everyone!