I know the Olympics are occurring in another time zone. So I’m aware that the results are in long before primetime coverage begins here. But why oh why, local anchor Steve Daniels, if you’re going to TELL us who won the gold at 5:30pm, can you not take five seconds to WARN us, so if we (i.e. me) don’t want to know yet, we don’t have to hear it?

This is what I said when I found out three hours or so BEFORE it aired who had won the gold, silver and bronze. (Although I expressed my despair a little less politely.) This after a self-imposed media blackout all afternoon, to avoid finding out the results. Then, I’m in the kitchen, getting dinner ready, and Steve drops the bomb. I didn’t even have time to mute!

Oh, well. I still watched a lot of the competition. But it wasn’t the same.

Speaking of too much information, yesterday I started reading James Frey’s My Friend Leonard, which I’d been wanting to read ever since it came out, even before all this drama about A Million Little Pieces. I have to say, though, now that I KNOW so much of it isn’t true, it’s a little distracting. I mean, the story is very dramatic, especially at the beginning, when he’s finishing off his jail time. But now I know he wasn’t in jail for as long as he says, it’s kind of hard to get around that. I sort of wish I’d just known it was fictional all along. I mean, the book is good, and very compelling, just like his first. But it’s like trying to read with someone tapping you on the shoulder the entire time: distracting and annoying.

 Okay, enough complaining. Honestly! It’s Friday, it’s warm, the sun is shining. Time to go outside….

have a good day, everyone!