Coco is now officially a dog school graduate. I’m so proud!

That’s us, last night, in the little obstacle course everyone had to do. People, let me just say: when we got there and I saw the room all set up with stuff, I was NERVOUS. I’d thought that because it was graduation we’d all just hang out, but no, we had to get up and show off our skills first. All and all, Coco (and I, I guess) did pretty well. It was lucky that by the time it was our turn she’d already gone into her mid-class catatonic state, which I think is brought on my entirely too many treats and excitement. Anyway. She did well, and I am SUCH the nerd that I asked a guy sitting next to me if he’d take a couple of pictures, since my husband couldn’t be there. 

Yes, I know she’s a dog. Yes, I understand it’s not a graduation of the level of high school or college. What’s your point? 

Anyway. A couple of days back, someone requested that I do an entry about “a day in the life,” which, ideally, would give you all a glimpse into my schedule. I hesitate to do this, though, for fear of boring you all to death. I’m not kidding. My life is not very exciting: that’s why I’m a writer. If things were happening and glamorous all the time, I’d be out enjoying them, instead of sitting here with my coffee, writing about my dog’s graduation. Man. But because I’m feeling a bit uninspired today—and leaving town tomorrow for a couple of days—I’ll give it a shot.

7am: Wake up. I cannot sleep past 7. This is documented. It’s like some part of me NEEDS to hear Morning Edition on NPR, just as it begins.

7:15-8:00: Get on the treadmill, fire up the iPod. This is my prozac. I don’t love it, and probably never will, but it works. 

8:00-815: Watch Good Morning America. Wish I was Diane Sawyer, who I KNOW has a fabulous life. Plus, I love her hair. 

8:15-9:  Shower, get dressed, go eat breakfast. (I know! You’re already falling asleep! I warned you.) Shoo away neighbor’s dog from my garbage can, which he has knocked over and is rooting around in. Start up the laptop, read The Writer’s Almanac, check, email, Page Six. Put away the dishes in the dishrack and clean all the notes-bills-receipts-shredded dog toys-spare change off the kitchen island, both of which always makes me feel like I’ve done SOMETHING productive, even if the rest of the day is all downhill from there. 

9:00am: Currently, greet my neighbor, who is painting our remodel. Put dogs up so they won’t roll in the wet paint. Sit down at computer to write thought-provoking, insightful and immensely comedic livejournal entry…  

9:10: ….and eventually just write about television or the dogs out of desperation.

9:30-11:30: Varies depending on the day. Usually in the morning, I go out and run errands. Destinations include fabulous places such as the bank, Whole Foods, and the post office. I ALWAYS need to go to the post office. Why is that? 

(I know I’ve probably told this story here before, but years ago at the Burrito I worked with this girl who was just so cool. She totally intimidated me with her coolness. Anyway, we were talking one night about what we had to do the next day, and I mentioned I had to buy stamps. She looked at me like I’d said I was going to buy a girdle. “You buy STAMPS?” she asked. I felt like SUCH the nerd. But how did she send her rent check in, I wondered? Probably because she had some nerdy roomate who bought stamps. 

Okay. Now I’m depressed. What was I talking about…oh, my day. Right.) 

11:30-12:30: Lunch. My favorite lunch, I swear to you, is a turkey sandwich, eaten at home while reading the paper. (I know this is not helping my coolness factor, especially after that stamp thing. But I’m all about honesty, and this is the truth.) 

12:30-4:30: Work. Okay, again, in total honesty, this is a flexible definition. I don’t work for a solid four hours, ever. Usually it’s more like two, or even one and a half. But this is the time I block off every day, when I don’t answer my phone and try to be pretty much unreachable so I can focus. Some days I don’t write at all: I go to the movies, or just read a book. That usually means that whatever I’m working on is at a crucial point, and my tendency is to rush through it, so I have to force myself to slow down. A perfect writing day for me is two good hours that feel like two minutes, but those days are not all that frequent. More common at the ones when I get in an hour and a half during which I struggle for the first twenty minutes, hemming and hawing, before finally hitting my stride. If things are going well, I write pretty much without stopping, straight through. If things aren’t—I’m writing a sentence, then going back and rewriting it, then, still not happy, rewriting it again—it means I need to take a day off, because what I’m doing ain’t working. Although actually following this advice is really hard.  

I used to always write up here in my office, because it helped me stay disciplined. But after Just Listen—which was a long haul of a book—I needed a change of scene, so lately I’ve been writing in my bedroom, on my laptop. It’s nice. I still have rotten days, but at least when I want to throw myself across the bed and weep, I’m already there. So that helps. 

4:30-5: Backup all my data (I am so OCD about this, I have backups of my backups) check email yet again, as well as Friends page, Livejournal comments, and more GoogleNews. Vaccuum the house, try to put off feeding dogs, even as they stare at me, leaping up anytime I even approximate approaching the kibble area. Usually capitulate and feed them before five, then hate myself for giving in.

5-7: Incredibly boring household stuff, including but not limited to complaining about cooking dinner, returning phone calls, balancing checkbook for my husband’s company, doing laundry. Eventually get something on the table, then collapse on the couch. 

7-9:30: Catch up on Tivo shows and whatever’s on that night. What, did you think I’d be reading War and Peace? (And Gilmore Girls is new tonight! Yesss!) 

9:30-10:30: Get into bed and read. The best way to end any day. Yeah, I know 10:30 is early. But I’m up at seven to start all of this excitement all over again. 

Aren’t you sorry you asked? God, I just bored myself to death just reading this. I’d delete it and start over but…

…I don’t think you (or I) could stand another dog or TV entry. So it stays. 

Tomorrow, I’m off for a couple of days for work-related fun. Hopefully something fabulous will happen, and then I can come back and report on it. I know after this, you’re hoping that too.

have a good day, everyone!

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