hello from nyc…

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Greetings from lovely New York City, where, as I write this, it is snowing. At home today, it’s supposed to hit eighty degrees. Somehow, this does NOT seem right. Mostly, though, I’m just hoping to get home tonight to at least enjoy a little bit of the balminess, if it’s still around. With my luck, I’ll bring the cold snap with me.

Right now, I’m sitting in the business center of my VERY nice hotel, tip-tapping away on a fancy keyboard with a Starbucks hot chocolate beside me. Man. I could get used to living like this, I think. Come tomorrow, though, it’s back to plain brewed coffee, barking dogs and the general mayhem of my household. Which I already miss, even with all these nice amenities.

I got here yesterday morning, then headed off to do some shopping and eat lunch. Then, last night, I had an event with a bunch of very cool booksellers, where I got to talk to people from all over the country. There was food, wine and free books (can you think of a better combo? Okay, MAYBE if Starbucks hot chocolate was involved. But you can’t have everything). Plus, I got to meet the fabulous Sarah Mlynowksi in person, which was very exciting. Afterwards, I went with some Penguin folk to this rotating bar high up over Times Square. So touristy and yet SO cool. It was like moving while not moving: I can’t even explain it. And the view was amazing.

Today, I’m off for some meetings and then (hopefully) home. As long as it doesn’t snow too much. I keep having to remind myself that this is NOT North Carolina, where a few flurries shut down everything for days. They are equipped to handle accumulation in these parts. In fact, everyone just walks around like it’s no big deal at all, whereas I am trying to savor it, because it might be the only snow I see this year. Which would not necessarily be a bad thing.

As with most things, though, my mom got the last word. Before I left, she told me to bring a warm coat, and I said I was. Gloves? Check. Hat? “Mom,” I said. “I never wear a hat, you know that.” I can’t tell you how much of my childhood and adolescence was spent debating this point, as she loved to tell me (everyone chime in) “Most of your body heat escapes through your head!” But today, as it’s snowing, what do I do? Buy a hat on the street. I had to. She’s always right. How IS that?

Of course, now I’ll go home, ditch the hat and have to dig out my flip flops. Oh, well…..

have a good day, everyone!