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So I’m back, after a truly whirlwind trip, although I had a GREAT time. Except for the slight delay at the aiport yesterday, which resulted in some gate shuffling, general group grumbling, and a spike in my normal flight anxiety by people tossing around entirely too liberally (in my opinion) the terms “plane maintenance” and “de-icing.” At any rate, we finally took off, then landed here, where it was still so warm at 9pm I had to strip off my heavy coat, scarf, hat and gloves to walk to my car in the parking deck. New York was great as always, so busy and bustling, and it’s so fun to see all the sights and so many friends. But when I’m driving home, and I come to this one intersection near my house, surrounded by nothing but fields and sky and stars, I always roll down my window and just breathe in the air and the silence. Ahhhh. Nice.

Before I left, on Tuesday, I had a bit of household drama. I was roasting a chicken (I know! I’m so domestic!) and the recipe called for adding a cup of water to the pan after it had been cooking for a little while. So I filled up my cup, dumped it in the pan and…the entire pan shattered, boom! glass scattering all over my oven, along with water and grease. It was, in a word, spectacular. Plus the smoke detector was going off like crazy, which makes Coco shake uncontrollably. So that was fun. Anyway, I had to turn off the oven, wait for it to cool down, then pick out all the glass and scrub it. Not fun! And all because I wanted to make something nice for my husband before I left town. I had no idea why this happened, until I called Bianca to tell her the story. About halfway through she said, “Was this a glass pan?” I said yes. She then told me you can’t add cold water to a hot glass pan. Which no one had ever told me, I swear. But believe me: now, I know.

In other news, this is a big weekend, with the Oscars and the Carolina-Duke game. Just for the record, I’m hoping for Heath and Reese to win, Brokeback for Best Picture, Squid and the Whale for screenplay. Those are the biggies I’m paying attention to. As far as the game, do I even have to say who I’m rooting for? Didn’t think so.

Finally—this entry is so long! sorry!—I have set up a MySpace page. (My computer is refusing to let me link here, for whatever reason, but it’s listed under my name, sarahdessen.) Because this is all new to me, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it—other than link it back here—but I’m hoping to take some time to figure it out. When I’m not making things explode in my oven, that is….

have a good weekend, everyone!