Just a little bit of spring for those of you who are still battling the ice and snow. These flowers were courtesy of my neighbors, from their yard. Everytime I get flowers, I try to take a picture, but in all honestly the picture never does them justice. Maybe I’m just a crappy photographer (entirely possible) but I like to think that it could be because some things are just meant to be more beautiful in person. Still, it is kind of pretty.

Speaking of beautiful, it’s been that (and completely unseasonably warm) here this entire weekend, with everything blooming everywhere and people in shorts and tank tops. Tomorrow, we’re supposed to get back to normal, i.e. cooler. But it’s nice while it lasts.

Busy times this weekend, with the ACC tournament, and Carolina losing, and now the NCAA brackets. We have a few days to catch our breath before it all kicks in again. Meanwhile, it’s spring break, so town has that great empty feeling, kind of quiet and peaceful. I have been nostalgic for teaching as the weather gets warmer: it was always after this week that my students handed in their stories and we started going outside for class everyday. There were always mowers droning in the background, so you had to yell to be heard, and there was always the risk of being totally distracted by everyone walking past, or just how gorgeous it was out, but still, it was worth it. My favorite part of the year. Good times.

Also this weekend I finally finished the documentary Country Boys, which I highly recommend. It was recently on Frontline, on PBS, and is now on DVD, and follows two kids from Kentucky through about three years of high school. It’s really interesting, if a bit of a time commitment. But if you like documentaries—I’m thinking of you here, Adam—I think you’d really like it. It makes you realize how much impact just having one person who cares about what you do with your life can have. One kid has that: the other does not. For all the nagging my parents did, I’m so glad they cared enough to stay on me about school and college. It makes a big difference.

Finally, a last word about television, and not the PBS kind. On Soapnet right now, 90210 is winding down towards the very end of the series: Donna and David are engaged, Kelly’s questioning her own wedding plans, and you can just feel things wrapping up. I have to say this: I have never loved Luke Perry as I do right now, in these last few shows. Sure, I loved him in the early days, with his long coat and quiet, barely-suppressed rage. And I loved him in the college years, when he was falling in love with the Noxema girl. But now, here: it’s the best. If you’re a fan, you should be tuning in, just to see how it all wraps up. So good.

Okay, it’s too pretty to be inside. Gotta get outside, while this lasts….

have a good day, everyone!

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