Do we really NEED another movie remake of a TV show?l

It’s not that there isn’t something kind of retro-cool about John Travolta playing J.R., or J. Lo being some Texas oil-rich wife. Personally, I was not a fan of Dallas when it was on, but at the time you have to realize it was BIG, especially the whole “Who Shot J.R.?” plotline. Remember, this was before cable shows like the Sopranos AND reality TV, so the finale of that season, when the shooter was revealed, drew in millions upon millions of viewers. But Dallas was a show totally based in the 80’s: I just wonder how topical it really will be now. I mean, after Bewitched and Dukes of Hazzard, the track record for TV-to-movie updates isn’t that good. But I guess you have the built in audience factor, and that’s good publicity. I mean, here I am writing about it, right?

Like I said, I wasn’t much into Dallas. I did watch Dyanasty, though, sometimes, if only because a friend of the family’s son, Jack Coleman, played the second Steven Carrington. His family had a house near us in Cape Cod, and I remember meeting him and being so nervous when I was, like, twelve. I also remember that my dance teacher in eighth grade LOVED Dynasty, so I wrote and asked him for a signed picture for her, which he sent. I felt so cool being able to do that, but it was short lived, because like, two periods after our class, someone stole it and she never saw it again. Which kind of sucked. Weird how I haven’t thought about THAT in ages. How did I get here, again?

Oh, right. Dallas.

In other slightly embarrassing news, I’m happy today because I get to indulge in my office supply obsession by going to Staples. First, because the film on my fax ran out yesterday, which I only figured out when it kept spitting out blank pages. Second, because with our remodel finally done the downstairs office is complete, which means I can now freely fill the desk drawers with post-its and staplers and clips in various shapes and sizes. Nerd alert! It’s so ridiculous that no matter what else is going on my life, all various kinds of chaos, just sitting down and organizing my file folders and desk drawers can bring this weird kind of total inner peace, if only for a few moments. It’s like therapy, with only paper clips and gel pens instead of introspection and laying on a couch.

Man, my dogs are driving me NUTS this morning and it’s only 8:54. Bring on the post-its!

have a good day, everyone….

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