I was just watching Good Morning America, where they were saying that the average woman spends a total of two years getting ready—hair, makeup, etc—over the course of a lifetime. The average man? Seven months. Now, I’m the first to admit I don’t roll out of bed and then roll out the door, but TWO YEARS? Really makes you rethink that whole concealer-curling iron routine. (Do people even still use curling irons anymore? Obviously, I don’t…although I can’t say the same thing about concealer. I’m not twenty-one anymore, after all.) It makes you wonder how long you spend doing other things. Like, say, vaccuuming. Or spelling words wrong, like I think I just did with that one. How much time have I invested in balancing my checkbook? Or ripping those annoying little SUBSCRIBE NOW! inserts out of magazines? Come to think of it, I don’t think I really DO want to know. After all, it’s all kinds of things that make up a life, right? The big, like falling in love and spending time with your family, and the little….like blow drying your hair, applying concealer, and cursing those magazine inserts. It all counts. It has to.

Ooh, who knew GMA could be so deep? Not me. Now, I have to go….to get ready to go out. Concealer calls, and all that. Now that I think about it, as long as I’m investing time, maybe I’ll even dig out my curling iron….

have a good day, everyone!
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