Having just spent about fifteen minutes tearing apart my closet before deciding I have NOTHING I want to wear, I think it’s official: we’ve hit that point of the end of winter-beginning of spring, when the warm weather just cannot come fast enough. I am so sick of every one of my sweaters, of everything I’ve been dragging around with me (coat, gloves, etc) since the fall. Arrrguh. Even the stuff I thought was just so cute back in September I can’t stand the sight of now. I mean, it’s offically spring. We’re turning the clocks back soon. Can I PLEASE pack away my wool crewnecks and bust out the tanktops for real? Please?

I don’t even know who I’m asking. Mother Nature? The universe? Whenever I say stuff like this out loud—always a mistake—my husband always rolls his eyes and says, “I’ll put a call in,” to remind me how stupid it is to complain about the weather, or the past, or anything else completely out of my control. Because you know that even if there was a hotline to everything, you (and by you, in this instance, I mean I) would still find something to complain about. So with that in mind, I think I will just shut up. Right now. No calls needed.

In other news, due to the fact that I was still feeling lousy—at least, that’s my excuse—I found myself watching a special Spring Break edition of Made last night on MTV. It was about a kid who’d been made into a “ladies man” (I put that in quotes because I’m honestly not sure it’s such a concrete thing as, say, Student Body President or Miss Teen Arizona), then seen his confidence lapse, so they packed him off to Spring Break to try again. Now, this is admirable, sure. But is the way to inspire confidence in someone so clearly lacking it to put them in a thong on national television? Apparently, it is, because that’s what they did when they sent him off for a spray tan. Yikes! I’ve said here before that I like Made, usually, because it works to make people feel better, and do better for themselves. Unlike, say, My Super Sweet Sixteen, which seems to exist only so we can all be horrified and say that regardless of what we thought we lacked in our lives as teenagers, at least we weren’t like THAT. Truth be told, when I watch MTV these days, I feel like they’re struggling to juggle between the fluffy stuff that brings in big ratings and the kind of more serious message that they once featured more prominently with their documentaries and political specials (remember those?) or even the way they treated certain issues (like Pedro being HIV positive on the Real World, all those years ago). Every once in awhile, you see something to remind you that they did, and do, have a social conscience. But instead of it being that predominant, now it’s more like little flashes, here and there. But at least it is still there, I guess.

And anyway, who am I to critique anyone for not being deep enough? After all, I just started this entry complaining about my clothes. Point a finger, there’s always at least one pointing back at you. I guess realizing it counts for something. Although not everything. Oh, well.

have a good day, everyone!
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