Good morning. And happy Monday.

First off, a bit of business news (as it were). I’ve heard from a lot of people wondering about the sweepstakes that was mentioned in the PW article, asking when it was starting. According to my sources (i.e. Courtney at Penguin) the sweepstakes will begin next week, on April 4th. Check the Penguin main page then for more details. On a side note, I have to say this “Win a Phone Call from Sarah Dessen” business is absolutely hysterical to my family and friends, with them alternately threatening to enter (even though they are all ineligible) or pointing out that a phone call from me is absolutely nothing to be excited about. Which I have to say, I can kind of agree with. Although the free iPod sounds good. Maybe, whoever I call, we can talk about that. Here’s hoping.

In other book news, I’m hearing from a few folks that the book has appeared early in their local bookstores. Which is very exciting. I’ve known the pub date is a flexible thing—I mean, were not at Harry Potter levels here, with strict embargos. Please!—but knowing that it is actually on the shelves someplace, as I write this, gives me that jumpy-thrilled first day of school feeling. Eeek! I was a local bookstore yesterday and cruised through the teen section, but Just Listen was not there. A good thing, as I may have collapsed if it had been. I swear, I am such a nerd about this book coming out business. I bet Meg Cabot is cool as a cuke as her pub date approaches. Me, I’m a nervous wreck, and this is my SEVENTH time doing this.

But then again, it is a big deal sending something you put your heart and soul into, everything you have, out into the world. It’s like when I was about to get married, and I had the jitters. I totally wanted to get married, had been waiting forever to do it, so I couldn’t figure out why I was so nervous. And Bianca said, “If you WEREN’T nervous, then, we’d be worried. This is normal.” Especially for me, as I am, well, a nervous sort of person. This, simply put, is what I do. Every time. Maybe that means I should embrace it? Hmmm.

I’ve also gotten a lot of questions about the tour dates, and specific appearances. We’re still ironing out final details, and I promise I’ll post the list again, right before I head out, with any pertinent changes. Right now the dates should be solidly confirmed: the only thing that might change is times or possibly places. At any rate, I thank you all for all your enthusiasm and support. It means a lot.

Meanwhile, life as we know it goes on. I had a great weekend, very quiet and mellow. Watched Walk the Line on Saturday night, which I’d already seen, but loved the second time, maybe even more than the first. Reese Witherspoon just LIGHTS up the screen when she shows up, oh my God. You know how sometimes, someone wins the Oscar and later you see the performance and you’re like, “Hmm, maybe it wasn’t so great” ? Not gonna happen here. She is amazing.

Then, last night, I settled in for the Sopranos, which I was determined not to start watching again as it a) had been forever since it was on and I’d forgotten what was happening when it wrapped up last and b) I already watch way too much TV, as anyone who visits this space regularly can attest. But then I watched the first one, and of course now I’m committed, totally. This show is so great on so many levels. It leaves you wondering, not trying to resolve everything, and the storylines are so fluid and intertwined. It’s like a master course in storytelling. Man. Of course, I’ve read that they’re splitting this season, so we’ll get some episodes and then a break and then finally the rest, which is so frustrating. I swear, the Sopranos is like that friend you have who always shows up late, and never answers their phone, but when they do suddenly appear, they’re so funny and charming and amazing that you forget to yell at them, or be mad. Then they blow back out, and it’s only after they pull out of the driveway, or round the corner, that you remember you were angry at them in the first place. But then, it’s too late. And you swear to cut them off, but then the next time they turn up, it happens all over again. So, yeah, I’ll be hanging in whenever they finish up, even if it’s 2008 or whatever. But I won’t be happy about it.

Finally (how did this entry get so long?) I was channel surfing last night, waiting for the Sopranos, and what was on? Say Anything, quite possibly my favorite movie of all time. Do they even make teen movies like this anymore? I don’t think so. God, it was great. I watched for a half hour and got to see so many of my favorite parts, including the one someone quoted on Friday here on this journal. Every time I see it, I find something else to love, and last night, it was Lloyd saying, when asked what he wanted to do with his life, that he was “looking for a dare-to-be-great situation.”

Man. Aren’t we all.

have a great day, everyone!
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