It’s the last day of March. How did THAT happen?

First off, just a quick thanks to everyone who has let me know about Just Listen turning up in their local bookstore. Like I said, the pub date isn’t until the 6th, but clearly some places aren’t waiting until then, which I’m taking as a good sign. Meanwhile, I am going to TRY and restrain myself from going to a local store where I have heard tell (what am I, 90?) that it’s out, just because it’s such a nerdy thing to go stalk your own book. Especially since, um, my picture is on the back, so if anyone spots me picking it up, all excited, I’ll be totally busted and look like an idiot.

Notice, however, that I said TRY. I might still do it anyway. We’ll see.

In other exciting news (at least for me) this weekend in the premiere of—wait for it!—the new show starring Tori Spelling, , So Notorious. Now, admittedly, this is hitting at the perfect time for me, as I am immersed in the very early 90210 shows on Soapnet, where Brenda was still so sweet and innocent, and Dylan just barely smoldering, and Donna, well, barely a character yet. But still. How excited am I for her that she has her own show? So very. It’s so embarrassing—even more so than stalking my book—but I really feel like the cast of 9er are like old friends, and I want good things for them. Jennie Garth, on the WB and expecting another baby? So awesome. Luke Perry popping up on Will and Grace? Made my night. And now, Tori, poking fun at herself AND 9er, in a show also featuring Loni Anderson? Sign me up, I am SO THERE. In fact, I don’t even know if I can wait until Sunday. Again, we’ll see.

Finally, I’ve written here before about how I am not the most patient person in the world. I am terrible at delayed anything, the sort of type who, left to sit in a waiting room for even thirty seconds, will go nuts without something to read or do. But every once in awhile, I get a lesson in patience that sticks. This past fall, I really wanted to plant some bulbs, but every year the squirrels and deer would either dig them up or eat them once they sprouted, which was really discouraging. So we decided to plant some in pots, in our back deck, where they’d be safe. I remember that we did this around Thanksgiving, and at the time the spring seemed like ages away, and it was cold, and dirty work. But bulbs are a leap of faith that way, really: you have to put in the labor early, and just know that you’ll see good results, just not now but down the road. Even if it’s hard to believe at the time.

It is, really, a little bit like writing, when you actually think about it. Day after day of staring at that blinking cursor, all the times you want to watch Oprah but instead drag yourself up to your office, every perfect sentence and total plot problem. There are times when you feel so discouraged you just want to throw yourself under a bus, and others you think you should just quit altogether and go to business school. Times when you think your head will explode the next time someone asks, so innocently, “So are you working on something now?” And there are also those great days, little glimmers when the words just tumble out perfectly, when you can’t stop writing and wouldn’t, for anything in the world. But if you’re lucky, you stick at it, and keep going. Because you’ve been working all along, making progress, bit by bit, day by day. Even if nobody else can see it until the end, when you write that last word, hit that final period, and push your chair back and exhale.

have a great day, everyone.
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