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As I write this, it is hailing outside. No joke. Awfully dark, too. So I better keep it short.

First off, I was reminded again on Saturday that I am The Most Gullible Person Ever by the fact that I fell for no less than three April Fools hoaxes. I am such a sucker. I practically need to write the date on my hand to keep from being taken, but even when I KNEW it was the first a couple of people still got me. Forget getting pinched on St. Patrick’s Day: I’d much rather have that than look like a total idiot. Repeatedly. But oh, well. (Note to Benjamin: you had me for the first couple of paragraphs. I was even excited you might be moving to the States! Sigh.)

In other news, thanks to everyone who has written in letting me know they found Just Listen, and if they read it, what they thought. I personally have restrained myself from going to look for it (so far anyway) but my husband did report he saw it at the Borders in Chapel Hill. Just a reminder, I’ll be at the Regulator Bookshop, on Ninth Street in Durham, this coming Thursday, the 6th, at 7pm. If you’re around, come on out. (Oh, and to the person who wrote in to say they found the book, read it, and were disappointed…well….sorry? I’m not sure what to say. To each his own, I guess. Maybe you’ll like the next one better.) On the flip side, I noticed this weekend that there was a pretty good Booklist review on the Amazon site, and that already has the book for sale. Which I guess means it is all really happening.

Ooooh. That was a big thunderclap. Better switch to battery power. Yikes.

Finally, two recommendations. Yesterday, I watched Mad Hot Ballroom, which I really liked. It’s all about inner city kids in New York learning to ballroom dance, a feel-good documentary, which was kind of a nice change of pace, considering I’ve been watching really depressing—but great—ones, like Capturing the Friedmans and Southern Comfort. Mad Hot Ballroom was a little bit long for my taste, but I still liked it. Also good: Tara Altebrando’s The Pursuit of Happiness, which I am halfway through and really enjoying. It’s sad and sweet and funny all at once. Good stuff. Once I finish it up, I’ll be waiting around expectantly for April 11th, and Charmed Thirds. I wonder if IT will go on sale early somewhere? Hmmmm. Worth a trip to find out, for sure.

Okay, now we’ve got some serious lightning. My dogs are freaking. Gotta go!

have a good day, everyone!
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