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Because this is an anxious—and yet exciting—week for me, I’m having to find ways to distract myself. For instance, there’s breaking up the hourly wrestling matches between my dogs, which also involves righting any furniture they’ve managed to crash into while doing wild laps through the house. And I can always devote some quality time to organizing my fridge: identifying suspect leftovers, lining up condiments by size, wondering why that Jello mold I wrote about ages ago is STILL in there. (!) Reading is ALWAYS good, as is watching quality television, like Gilmore Girls (FINALLY new tonight!) and maybe not so quality (Wife Swap, how did I end up watching this show?). I can also stand in front of my closet, examining my clothes as I ponder how in the world I am going to pack for a ten day book tour that takes me to Florida, Michigan and San Francisco without bringing everything I own. I mean, it’s still cold in Michigan. Isn’t it?

(Speaking of San Francisco, a favor to anyone reading this who lives there or knows the city well: my husband’s going to be joining me there for a couple of days, and neither one of us has ever been there before. He has one thing he REALLY wants to see: redwoods. Since it’s his only request, I want to try and make it happen. But I don’t think we’ll have access to a car. Does this make it impossible? Can you tell me? Much appreciated. And speaking of Michigan, many thanks to the gals from WCBN, with whom I had one of the most fun interviews ever yesterday, covering everything from the local Chapel Hill music scene to Pink Floyd to Gossip Girl. They even offered me a chance to come in sometime and do my dream playlist. How cool would that be? )

Of course, the internet is a great distraction, one I indulge in almost to my peril. The worst thing, right now, is trying not to think about my Amazon and rankings. I have been told over and over that they don’t really mean anything, that I shouldn’t even check them, but I have to be honest: it’s hard. I mean, as an author, you really have no real gauge on how your book is selling, at least until you get royalty statements, which comes months and months later. I am trying to limit myself to looking at the pages once a day, and no more, and it’s harder than quitting smoking. (Okay, maybe not hard. It’s as hard as, say, NOT eating the one leftover cupcake that is in my fridge right at this very second.) So instead, when I feel the urge, I go look at something else online. Like maybe my new favorite site, Rosie O’Donnell’s Ask Ro. I love Rosie O’Donnell, and I LOVE that she does this, answering random questions from people about everything from what brand of jeans she wears to how to deal with depression. It’s brilliant, and totally addictive. But much better than checking my rankings. (And I know it’s pathetic, but I swear, I cannot be the only author who does this. Please say I am not. Please!)

Speaking of questions, and answers, thanks to Little Willow, for a great Q&A about Just Listen. For those of you who have asked for other book recommendations, check out her site: she’s got tons of reviews and interviews, all sorts of good information. Definitely worth a look.

Okay, now that I’ve shared and shamed myself (I know I will regret copping to that Amazon thing, but maybe admitting you have a problem is the first, best step?) maybe it’s time to push away from this laptop and get outside. It’s a beautiful day, after all, so I should go enjoy it. But maybe I’ll eat that cupcake first. Hmmm.

have a good day, everyone!
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