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on sale today!

And again, for you local types, I’ll be at the Regulator Bookshop on Ninth Street in Durham, 7pm, tonight. Hope to see you there.

Because this is such a big day for me (and I celebrated it with an equally big cup of coffee this morning, which I can now feel pulsing through my very veins) I’m not even going to try to write a truly cohesive entry. Instead, I will acknowledge my lack of focus with a list of the random things on my mind right at this moment.

1. Holy crap, my book is officially out. (Goes without saying, right? And yet, seems to be honest I have to say it again.)
2. How did Mandisa get sent home on Idol last night? Okay, I get that country music wasn’t exactly her thing, but still. I LOVED Mandisa, because she was truly herself, no matter what, and plus, she could sing like crazy. When it was down to her and Elliott, I covered my eyes: I couldn’t even look. Shocking. Now who will I pull for?
3. Speaking of Idol, I know I’m late to this in terms of commenting, but how is it possible that Kenny Rogers looks YOUNGER than he did when I was a kid and he was on top 40 radio? You know, it’s not so much that he looks younger, actually, but different. It kind of creeped me out, if I’m to be totally honest.
4.Somehow, I have gotten completely sucked into 8th and Ocean on MTV. I think it’s the twins, Kelly and Sabrina, and I blame their names. PLEASE tell me that there’s a Jill at home, just so I know they have a true Charlie’s Angels trifecta. (And if you’re thinking, “There was no Jill or Kelly or Sabrina in the Charlie’s Angels movie!” then you are not as old as I am. Or Kenny Rogers, for that matter.)
5. I was so happy that Gilmore Girls was new, but I’m still bothered by how they’re making Luke so not-Luke-ish. (I know that’s totally undescriptive: I said I was distracted!) Lane and Zach were very cute, Rory and Logan I have no idea, but Luke…he was always the one you could count on, you know. And now, with this whole April storyline, it’s like he’s flipping out. It’s not right. In all honesty, my favorite part of Tuesday’s episode was the previews for next week. One word: Jess. Sigh.
6. For those of you who commented on the Jello mold, yes, it is still in my fridge, and no, I am no closer to figuring out what to do with it. It’s becoming a part of my morning, every day: open fridge. Look at mold. Roll eyes, curse (alternately) my husband or the gods. Shut fridge. Go about day. And repeat. Maybe someone else will toss it, and take me out of my wasteful-guilt misery. I can hope, I guess…
7. Shows may come. Shows may go. But no matter what, every cycle, even when I swear it won’t happen, Tyra Banks sucks me in with America’s Next Top Model. Who will win? Who cares? I have a hard time remembering even who won in the past. With this show, it’s all about the process, and the process is never dull. Although you have to wonder who much of Jade’s villany is editing. For her sake, I hope that’s part of it. If not: yikes.
8. Total confession: I cannot get Kelly Clarkson’s “Walk Away” out of my head. It’s like it’s stuck there, on repeat. Good song, or marketing conspiracy? The jury is still out.
9. Yesterday, I was supposed to to an interview, but due to mixed signals the reporter and I missed each other. After playing phone tag all day, she finally got hold of me in the early evening, when I was making a frozen (Amy’s organic!) pizza. The smoke detector had just gone off, which totally traumatizes Coco, so I did the interview with it beeping in the background and my dog shaking uncontrollably in my lap. So professional, I know. Hopefully I sounded more calm than I felt.
10. If you’ve ever read Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, you probably remember what she had to say about pub dates, and how ridiculous it is to expect anything out of the ordinary, because you’l only end up having a breakdown. (She puts it MUCH better than that, though: so if you haven’t read the book, you should. It’s great, especially if you’re interested in writing and all the pathos that goes with it.) Anyway, keeping this in mind, I’m making a point of not expecting much today. It’s nice to have an official date to recognize, but in the end, books have long lives, and this is only the first day, with many more to come. Still, it’s kind of nice to enjoy it, for a moment or two. And now I have. So….

…off for more coffee. Thanks again for all the kind words. Hope you enjoy the book!

have a great day, everyone!
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